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Colorado native Maggie Mays was just a child when she began selling her jewelry creations to friends and family from "the shop in the basement."

As she grew, so did that natural sense of artistic flair along with a deep desire to help and uplift others.

Factor in a trip to the Southwest where she fell hopelessly in love with the desert's haunting beauty, and it's no surprise that she ended up at Arizona State University as a Psychology major.

In the years that followed—through working retail during college to meeting the demands of a corporate career—Maggie used meditation, time in nature, and energy healing to calm and balance her life.

As grateful as she was for every experience, it became clear that the corporate world would never allow the full expression of her creativity and passion for design. 

 In 2014 she launched All the Tiny Pieces, an independent line of handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry that embodies the peace, light and love that has always been her North Star. 

"We are all tiny pieces. We are all uniquely beautiful, meaningful, and precious in our individuality. At the same time, we are connected. We are the wave rising from the ocean and the glimmer of stardust shining within this big, magnificent universe." 

With a mission to spread peace and love, one tiny piece at a time, Maggie has given birth to a community of sensitive, like-minded, free-spirited souls.

Some have loved and supported her work from day one. Others have stumbled across All the Tiny Pieces and resonated to the meaningful yet minimalist beauty of her creations.

They have discovered an expression of their own soul in Maggie's ultimately simple yet meaningful jewelry collection.

You can find her original pieces at select boutiques and local markets—or easier yet, shop her collections online.

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