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What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers within our body that are associated with our physical and emotional well being. It is ideal to keep our chakras balanced and open. We can achieve this with yoga, light/sound therapy and the use of gemstones.

Each gemstone in the Chakra Collection has been selected for the corresponding chakra, to provide balancing energy and assist with physical conditions in that area.

Determine which area you'd like to focus on using the guide below.

🖤 Root - grounding, stability, survival (Black Agate)
🧡 Sacral - empathy, relationships, intimacy (Carnelian)
💛 Solar Plexus - joy, motivation, willpower (Citrine)
💚 Heart - compassion, harmony, love (Green Aventurine)
💎 Throat - communication, creativity, truth (Amazonite)
💙 Third Eye - intuition, knowingness, perception (Lapis Lazuli)
💜 Crown - bliss, consciousness, wisdom (Amethyst)

Please note: gemstone healing should be used in addition to proper medical care and is not recommended as a complete substitute.

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