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Nature's Resonance: Embrace the Earth's Vibrant Energies with my Green Aventurine and Tiger's Eye Collection.

  • Green Aventurine, often celebrated as the Stone of Opportunity, mirrors the lushness and rejuvenating spirit of nature. Its soothing green shades evoke the essence of spring's growth and renewal.
  • Tiger's Eye, with its earthy, rich hues, embodies the grounding and protective energies of the earth. Revered for its harmonizing properties, it connects you deeply with the natural world, offering clarity and strength.

This collection is a tribute to the natural beauty and the spiritual harmony found in the wilderness, crafted for those who find solace and inspiration in nature's embrace.

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Double Point Tiger's Eye Necklace
  • Brass
  • 14k Gold Filled
  • Sterling Silver
Tiger's Eye Stretch Bracelet
Regular price$48.00
    Simple Tiger's Eye Earrings
    Regular price$22.00

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