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We know that it's important for you to express your individuality. That's why we create pieces in small batches, that you won't find anywhere else.
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Alyssa's Story: We Are In This Together 

When I met Alyssa at a local market, she opened up to me about her relationship and how she was having trouble communicating with her partner. She asked me if there was a stone for that and I told her the answer was yes and was happy to show her the Throat Chakra Necklace.

At first she was very hesitant and wanted to know how a gemstone could help with her ongoing relationship issues. I let her know that I also had a similar situation, where communicating my feelings clearly was something that I was able to work through using gemstone and energy healing. I shared how I would meditate wearing my gemstone necklace and then wear it, especially in situations that I needed extra help with communication.

I also shared some of the breathing techniques and positive affirmations that I found helpful from one of my favorite books. I let her know that from my experience, if she asked the universe for something specific, she would get an answer. She was very interested but still had a couple more concerns.

She was worried about the chain because of her allergy to nickel and how most jewelry didn't agree with her skin. I told her that, coincidentally, I also have allergies, especially to "cheap" jewelry and that was one of the reasons I started making my own high quality nickel-free brass, 14k gold filled and sterling silver creations.

Her last concern was that if she were to get the necklace and wear it everyday, it wouldn't last because she had two small children who would "pull at mommy's jewelry". I told her that all of my pieces are guaranteed to last forever and if, down the road, anything happens to the chain or clasp, I can simply repair it for free.

She was delighted with the info and I asked her to please keep me updated and she went on her way wearing her beautiful new necklace!

About 2 months later she returned to my booth, beaming with excitement and light. I could sense something had changed. She told me about her experience with the breathing techniques and how she would hold her necklace and speak positive affirmations into the gemstone. She said her favorite affirmation was "I always communicate clearly and effectively".

She also shared with me that she didn't know how anything could possibly help her at that point because she and her partner had tried everything to no avail. I could feel her gratitude radiating and let her know that I was not surprised about her success given the energy and attention to the tools that she was using in her everyday practice.

As years have gone by since the first time we met, she reaches out from time to time and has expanded her gemstone healing collection. I always remind her that she had the power within her all along and just needed an introduction to natural healing!

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